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Full Stack Software Engineer

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Join a team tackling an important mission. Work with caring, yet ambitious individuals. We are literally building the future (not just a buzz-phrase)

Job Description

# About 
Patchd is a Y Combinator and Venture backed startup, based out of San Francisco. We’re seeking a full-stack software engineer who loves challenging work, recognition, responsibility, and personal growth, and wants to venture into the world of medical devices and software.

Patchd began when Robert (CEO & Co-founder) experienced 18 episodes of life-threatening sepsis. Our mission is to eradicate hospitalizations due to sepsis in high-risk patients (think leukemia and bone marrow transplant). By detecting sepsis outside of hospital using non-invasive monitoring and AI (not currently done), we can prevent 1M hospital admissions a year in the US alone.

# Role 
You’ll be leading the development of the back-end for our software-as-a-medical device and doing some front-end app development. You’ll have start-to-finish ownership and be involved in key architectural decisions.

We work in a regulated environment with sensitive health information, so broad test coverage, data privacy (HIPAA compliance) and (some) documentation will be part of your life. We are currently focused on establishing our MVP and you will need to figure how to handle the time-series data we collect.

You’ll be working closely with the CTO and algorithm engineer to define requirements and interfaces, and as an early engineering hire, you’ll also get to inform our engineering practices and standards as they evolve.

# Reasons to Apply 
1. We are building the future 
“Optimize at all times for being in the most dynamic and exciting pond you can find. That is where the great opportunities can be found.

Apply this rule when selecting which company to go to. Go to the company where all the action is happening.” 
– Marc Andreessen

We are using recent developments in physiological sensors, machine learning and clever software to transition sepsis management and critical care from inside the hospital, to outside. This marks a fundamental shift from acute reactionary care, to proactive measures that save lives and dollars. It’s a big, hairy, ambitious mission but that‘s what we’re about (and our investors are too).

2. Now is the right time 
Healthcare has traditionally been slow and resistant to technological change and this resulted in amazing innovations that were too early for their time. This has changed recently, with advances in sensor technology and has been reflected in things like the FDA’s new guidelines for AI, the adoption of radically new technologies in hospital and changes to patient attitudes. We are riding the wave of technological innovation and adoption in health care. They say ‘software is eating the world,’ but it ate communications, finance, and manufacturing first. Only now is it beginning to consume the health sector.

3. You’re someone that takes ownership and is prepared to have your contributions make a disproportionate impact 
Everyone at Patchd is excited, ambitious and smart AF (in our humble and slightly biased opinion). We take our work seriously, insist on shipping quality work and expect you to do the same. We tend to find that our small team is capable of generating a disproportionate amount of impact. To support this, we prioritize learning, growth and new experiences. That can mean getting published in scientific journals, contributing to patents, travelling to conferences, leading projects or finding and building connections to leaders in your field. We want to succeed, and we want you to succeed too.

4. We care about you (not just superficially) 
Anyone that joins the Patchd team is someone that we each are willing to go above and beyond for. That means hitting important deadlines, celebrating wins and even showing up to the hospital when someone is in need of a little support. We care about performance but we also all have our own situations which we recognize and empathize with.

5. This is the job that you’ll be telling stories about when you’re 85 
If you share our values and mission then you’ll have fun here. We can be serious and we can be silly. We don’t group meeting bikes or contrived “culture-building” activities to connect, but you will have some of your most memorable work experiences here. We are still very much a startup and crazy things happen. Turning down eccentric billionaires that want to invest and soldering PCBs on the bathroom floor of an AirBnB at 2am are some examples of unusual stories that we’ve experienced on our journey.

6. Benefits 
We offer competitive remuneration, health insurance, dental insurance, optical insurance, generous leave policy, public transport, Amazon Prime and Spotify as benefits.

Our office is located in downtown SF, just a couple of minutes walk from Montgomery BART and is shared with some excellent startups. We are surrounded by great food and get a ton of natural light at the office.

# Requirements 
-Minimum 3 years of professional experience with backend development 
-Confidence and ability to select technologies and lead the development of HIPAA compliant backend 
-Familiarity with Git for version control and basic QA practices 
-Ownership and accountability - we all work with a lot of autonomy and responsibility

# Recommended 
-Experience developing applications that deal with HIPAA compliance or sensitive personal information 
-Experience in medical devices or another highly regulated industry (automotive, aerospace, etc) 
-Familiarity with mobile application development (iOS, Android or cross-platform)

Python, Git, PostgreSQL, Docker, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, React Native.

$100k - $115k
0.5% - 1.5%

To apply

  1. Email with subject heading “Full Stack Developer Application”

  2. Include Resume, Cover Letter and Contact Details

  3. We will be in touch!